Be more productive

Download Tipbit to bring email, social and search together so you can complete tasks on your smartphone rather than waiting until you’re back at your desk.

One swipe to relevant info

Tipbit automatically brings you relevant messages, appointments, contacts, and attachments as you browse email and calendar.

Search not switch

No more “copy, paste, Google” — with Tipbit, see everything Google finds related to the current message or contact without switching apps.


Find, View, Attach, and Share

You are a swipe away from finding, viewing or sharing the files you need right now on Dropbox. Easily & securely share anything.

Recognize related people

A single swipe to full social profiles including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, plus most recent meetings and messages for any related people.


Recent press


Tipbit Snags $4M to Make Your iPhone Experience More Productive

“Forrester analyst Frank Gillett is a believer. He sees Tipbit as an example of how mobile-first applications are driving innovation but he hopes Tipbit won’t stop there. “Once this gets figured out for mobile, I want the same thing for my desktop. They are rethinking personal productivity tools,” he said. The unsaid thought there is that those tools — Microsoft Office and the like — need a do-over.”


This Microsoft Vet Just Scored $4 Million to Radically Change the Way You Use Email on Mobile Devices

“Let’s face it. Managing email on a mobile device kind of sucks. It’s nearly impossible to find archived messages, let alone seamlessly connecting to one’s calendar, contacts or other third-party services such as Dropbox, LinkedIn or Facebook.The whole thing just seems ready for a refresh.”


Tipbit Scores $4 Million Series A for Its Productivity-Focused Email App

“More simply put, that means Tipbit can perform specific tasks within the inbox that would have typically required users to launch other applications – like looking up social profile info from LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, for example, finding, viewing or sharing files from Dropbox, accessing Google from an email to search for content related to that message, and swiping to quickly perform other tasks, like accessing your calendar, files, or contacts.”

From the blog

17 March

One’s a Party. Three’s a Crowd.

Third party personal information data brokers are becoming a hot topic these days.  60 Minutes recently ran a segment on how this silent industry is building dossiers on millions of individuals to improve targeted advertising.   Many consumer apps are built on this premise where functionality is offered for free in return for the ability to […]

12 March

The revenge of the phone…

I love days like today.  One of the great things about shipping software is you can have an immediate impact improving people’s everyday interactions.  All of the late nights, maddening bug chases and countless hours pay off when customers get to install your product. I’m complete email addict. I was fortunate to run the Microsoft […]

15 December

Five Must-Have Apps for Real Business Productivity on the Go

Let’s face it.  As information workers, we’ve gone all the way through the looking glass and now work in a world where our smartphones are essentially a bionic productivity attachment to our bodies.  We rely on our mobile platforms to complete our tasks and deliverables on the go.  New apps are coming on the scene […]

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Tipbit brings email, social and search together so you can complete tasks on your smartphone rather than waiting until you’re back at your desk. Tipbit is led by an email dream team in Seattle and San Francisco that melds start-up and enterprise email development experience from some of the world’s most successful technology brands.

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