Be More Productive


Add All Your Accounts

Tipbit supports Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, iCloud, Hotmail,, and

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Find the Right Information

Tipbit automatically brings you relevant messages, appointments, contacts, and attachments as you browse email and calendar.

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Be More Informed


Prepare For Meetings

Tipbit’s social functionality pulls relevant and meaningful information together from various social networks so you can be more prepared.
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Deep Linking

One tap deep link to Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for the best social experience.
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Be More Efficient


Advanced Calendar Management

With Tipbit you can schedule, review, accept, share available meeting times, and manage your calendar without ever leaving the app.

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Find, View, Attach, and Share

Plus, instantly find, save, and securely share your messages and attachments with Salesforce, Dropbox, Evernote and more.

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Recent press notes




Is Email Dead? Tipbit Is Adamant It’s Not

“Mangione believes that these various solutions that seek to displace email (and there are plenty – from enterprise social solutions like Chatter and Yammer to group solutions like, Hipchat and Slack) are flawed models. Mangione strongly holds the view that these approaches seek to create new siloes that are closed and proprietary.”

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Tipbit email app gets upgrade, looking for new edge in competitive market

“A new update for the Tipbit mobile email app for iPhone promises better social integration, an improved interface and faster search results for messages and other information even when not stored locally on the device, aiming to make it easier for users to work more efficiently on a smartphone.”


Tipbit Scores $4 Million Series A for Its Productivity-Focused Email App

“More simply put, that means Tipbit can perform specific tasks within the inbox that would have typically required users to launch other applications – like looking up social profile info from LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, for example, finding, viewing or sharing files from Dropbox, accessing Google from an email to search for content related to that message, and swiping to quickly perform other tasks…”

From the Blog

22 April

Tipbit Announces Box Integration and 4.1 Offering

Posted in Featured, Product

At Tipbit, we’re determined to remain the premier iPhone app that surfaces all of a customer’s business communication tools into one location. After listening to your feedback, Tipbit is excited to announce our integration with Box. We already integrate with all the social sites and email services you use to run your professional life, and […]

9 March

Introducing Tipbit 4.0: Turn Contacts into People

Posted in Featured, Product

We’re happy to announce Tipbit 4.0 – a major release driven by the tremendous feedback from our customers. For this release we’ve infused insights from our customers’ suggestions and frustrations with the product, as well as insights from our third party market research Business Behavior Study. Tipbit continues to build its product roadmap with the […]

About Tipbit

Tipbit brings email, social and search together so you can complete tasks on your smartphone rather than waiting until you’re back at your desk. Tipbit is led by an email dream team in Seattle and San Francisco that melds start-up and enterprise email development experience from some of the world’s most successful technology brands.

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